October 1, 2018

TEACHER VOICE: ‘I was quickly overwhelmed’ — The case for mentoring new instructors

Read the entire op-ed by E4E-New York member Cameron Maxwell on The Hechinger Report.

To new teachers who recently began work: Congratulations! You have chosen an honorable profession that rewards hard work in the classroom with admiration and dedication from your students.

But let’s be clear-eyed about a few things.

Like many in your teaching program’s graduating class, you are likely working in a school with high rates of students who have been through trauma, poverty and neglect. You may lead classes with over 30 students at a time, most of whom have struggled for years with high teacher turnover and a lack of stability in their school lives. You might have an inkling of what needs to happen to establish yourself as a teacher, but have only a few worn-out and dated textbooks to start this process.

To read the complete op-ed, visit The Hechinger Report.