March 5, 2018

Study finds discipline disparities for students of color

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Students of color and those with disabilities in Minnesota classrooms face a disproportionate amount of expulsions and suspensions, according to a recent state study. The Minnesota Department of Human Rights found that while students of color comprise 31 percent of Minnesota’s student population, they receive 66 percent of all suspensions and expulsions.

“Pushing students out is not the answer,” said Abbie Finger, an educator in Minneapolis Public Schools. “I think the more we keep students in classrooms, the better outcomes they have. They're there, they're being supported by their classmates, by their teachers, by their schools.”

Finger attended the “I Teach Love” Annual Summit on Saturday in St. Paul, hosted by Educators for Excellence.  The group encourage teachers to push for changes that would improve student learning and create solutions to challenges. The discipline disparities were a part of the discussion.

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