May 10, 2017

Seeing classrooms as places for students to heal

Original article in the Dorchester Reporter by E4E-Boston’s Teacher Action Team.

Childhood trauma is the silent and pernicious enemy of learning and it is more pervasive than most of us realize. One in five Boston students has had a traumatic experience, according to a new study by Boston Children’s Hospital. As teachers, we are often the first line of defense in helping these students, but we need the resources to help them find their way.

Trauma threatens our students’ potential to achieve. It disrupts memory, organizational skills, and comprehension.

In our classrooms, this means that many of our students have difficulty completing tasks, such as taking notes or recalling information. Trauma also affects their ability to build trusting relationships with adults and each other, as the stress can cause students to feel unsafe and trigger fight-or-flight responses over seemingly ordinary occurrences.

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