June 7, 2016

Remember when teacher evaluations were the subject of controversy in LA Unified? Not anymore

Original article on KPCC by Kyle Stokes.

Only a few years ago, the Los Angeles Unified School District's system for evaluating teachers' job performance was the subject of legal disputes, full-blown lawsuits and bitter fractious debate between district leaders and the teachers union.

Not anymore. Last weekend, the rank-and-file of United Teachers Los Angeles overwhelmingly approved new contract terms for a teacher evaluation system — and unlike in the past, both sides agreed the talks had gone smoothly.

"One of the things [the union's] chief negotiator said was that the entire process was one that had been very collaborative in nature," said Gifty Beets, co-director of labor relations for L.A. Unified.

"It was a collaborative effort on both ends," said UTLA vice president Cecily Myaert-Cruz, who was on the bargaining team for the union.

The amity didn't come about by accident.

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