October 21, 2016

Redefining school accountability in Minnesota: It's more than test scores and graduation rates

Original article on MinnPost by Erin Hinrichs.

Assuming the U.S. Department of Education isn’t eliminated after the election — a proposal touted by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump — states will be making some important decisions in the coming months as they finalize their new accountability plans under the Every Student Succeeds Act, the revamped federal education law commonly known as ESSA.

In addition to the hallmark school accountability data sets — proficiency in reading and math, along with high school graduation rates — states must now track academic growth and English-language proficiency, plus at least one other indicator of school quality or student success.

In Minnesota, schools already report on academic growth in reading and math. This measure was added when the state applied for a waiver from No Child Left Behind, the precursor to ESSA, to customize its own accountability and school improvement system.

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