November 1, 2018

Our Students Need Every Educator to Speak Up to Ensure DeVos Hears Our Support for Restorative Justice

Read the entire op-ed by E4E-Chicago member Tynisha Jointer on Education Post.

In my decade in Chicago Public Schools as a social worker and currently as a behavioral health specialist, I’ve learned a great education goes beyond academics. Students can’t learn if they do not first feel physically and emotionally safe, and students facing trauma often express their pain by disengaging or misbehaving. But safe and inclusive schools doesn’t just happen, they are created!

As educators, it’s our responsibility to exercise our voice on behalf of our students and demand supports to create these welcoming school communities. That is exactly what my colleagues and I did when we met with U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to ask her to commit to working with us to build these communities.

To read the complete op-ed, visit the Education Post.