May 2, 2016

For New York City teachers, there's more than one important election in 2016

Original article on Chalkbeat New York by Cameron Maxwell.

We all know that a presidential election is important. New York’s presidential primary was held on April 19, and the general election is set for November 8. Those dates have likely been on your mind for months, since the outcome will determine the course of our country for at least four years.

If you teach in a New York City district school, though, there’s an election coming soon that will affect you, your colleagues, and your students. On May 5, our union, the United Federation of Teachers, will mail out ballots that will allow teachers to vote for the people who will fight for us for the next three years.

The president, seven vice-presidents (drawn from different kinds of schools and other sources), delegates to the national American Federation of Teachers convention, and other board members and representatives are the people we empower to be our advocates.

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