March 22, 2020

More online learning during coronavirus crisis means we must close the technology gap

Read the entire op-ed by E4E-Connecticut Executive Director Andréa Comer on the Hartford Courant.

A few hours after a Facebook friend asked me to sign a petition to close New York City’s public schools, I forwarded an article to my daughter, a kindergarten teacher in Washington Heights, announcing the city planned to do just that.

Her initial relief was soon replaced with deep concern. “April 30th!!” she texted, followed by a slew of exploding head emojis. “OMG my kids … Some of them will suffer from the lack of consistency.”

Exactly. The closure of schools was certainly necessary — we still don’t know enough about COVID-19, and whether our little ones, who seem to be less impacted by the virus, are silent but robust carriers. That said, like so many systemic conditions in our country, the impact on the have-nots will be felt far worse than others.

To read the complete op-ed, visit the Hartford Courant.