August 17, 2018

It’s Time to Transform Our Schools, and Teachers Should Lead It

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I’ve always known the education system is a like a large, slow freighter. Teaching in a public school for two decades reveals to anyone that this ship is slow, hulking and hard to turn.

But it wasn’t until my own kids entered the system that I really felt the anguish. Why? Because most schools in this country are frustratingly, infuriatingly, hopelessly stuck in the past. And when you’re a teacher seeking to improve your students’ experience, that truth is only more depressing when you’re reflecting on your own children’s experience.

This summer I made the big mistake of reading some truly inspirational teacher books: “The Innovator’s Mindset,” by George Couros, “What School Could Be,” by Ted Dintersmith, and a not-yet-published text called, “Open Up, Education! How Open Way Learning Can Transform Schools,” by Adam Haigler and Ben Owens. I also read an article in Hechinger Report by Chris Berdick about an innovative district in North Dakota doing away with grade levels in favor of competency-based learning.

To read the complete op-ed by Anna Baldwin, visit Education Post.