January 18, 2019

I’m a fifth-year Chicago teacher, and the challenges aren’t letting up. Now what?

Read the entire op-ed on Chalkbeat Chicago by E4E-Chicago member Dayna Heller.

When I started as a teacher in Chicago Public Schools, I remember hearing that half of teachers in urban school districts leave them in their first five years. When I went through rough patches I would wonder, was I going to make it?

I did make it, completing my fifth year of teaching last spring. But I can’t help but feel like something still isn’t right.

I feel like this should be the time when I am starting to really develop my expertise, feel secure in my skills and abilities, and build the self-confidence that I am effective in my craft. Instead, I  feel lucky just to be surviving day to day and week to week.

To read the complete op-ed, visit Chalkbeat Chicago.