September 19, 2019

A fresh start on school discipline isn’t optional — especially for schools serving underrepresented students

Read the entire op-ed by Evan Stone, E4E Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Cami Anderson, CEO of the Discipline Revolution Project, and Layla Avila, CEO of Education Leaders of Colors on The Hechinger Report.

It's never been more important to take a new look at how we think about school discipline. We need to shift away from thinking of discipline as the thing you do to punish a student who is acting out or to rein in a chaotic class.

Our organizations are working with educators across the country to implement research-based approaches that prevent incidents from happening in the first place, like focusing on relationships, developing students’ social and emotional skills, and refining what adults model in the face of conflict.

To read the complete op-ed, visit The Hechinger Report.