September 20, 2018

Even When Teachers Don’t Feel Safe, They Don’t Support Guns in the Classroom

Read the entire op-ed by E4E-Chicago member Tracy Netter on Education Post.

Hear us teachers loud and clear: We do not want to be armed, and we do not want to work in prison-like school buildings. We became teachers to help students flourish and grow, and arming us erodes our relationships with students, which, in turn, would make all of us less safe.

A recent national survey of teachers by Educators for Excellence called “Voices from the Classroom” found that while nearly 1 in 3 teachers, or 31 percent, report fearing for their own physical safety at school, the vast majority of teachers—65 percent—do not support arming educators as the answer to that concern.

And yet, the prospect of using precious school resources on defensive measures continues to surface, as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz recently introduced a measure that would allow federal money earmarked for mental health services to be used on building security, essentially turning schools into fortresses.

To read the entire op-ed, visit Education Post.