December 1, 2011

'E4E' Teacher Group Expands to Los Angeles

Original article in Education Week Teacher Beat by Stephen Sawchuk

Educators 4 Excellence, a New York City-based group of reform-minded teachers, has expanded its operations to begin a new chapter of activist teachers in Los Angeles.

Over 200 teachers have already signed the E4E declaration of principles, the Wall Street Journal reports.

E4E is one of several new teacher-advocacy groups—both inside and outside of teachers' unions—that have sprung up recently, as I reported recently in an Education Week story and this blog post.

Many of these groups, E4E among them, have been supported by philanthropies, which has led to some charges that they're really "astroturf" groups. (The groups dispute this label.)

There are quite a few of these groups now active in Los Angeles, including the NewTLA union caucus and a separate group that has pushed the local teachers' union to act on evaluations.