December 12, 2012

E4E-NY School Captain Jessica Saratovsky: Rally was one more venue to show my passion for teaching

Jessica teaches Kindergarten at The New American Academy in Crown Heights.

I don’t consider myself a rally-type person nor have I ever been to one. However, when E4E announced that there would be a rally to push for a teacher evaluation system, I felt the need to go. E4E has given me multiple opportunities to have my voice heard, and this was just one more venue to show the passion I have for my profession.

As I arrived at City Hall Park and saw my fellow members of E4E, with bright green hats, I felt energized. I was ready to get the word out about how a fair and multi-measure teacher evaluation system is a must for New York City. What made this day even more special was that my husband and one-year- old daughter attended the rally with me. I was able to share with them a cause and this group that I have been talking about for months. As the music started and the signs were passed out, I realized how amazing it was to be a part of this movement. As the chant, “What do we want? A deal….When do we want it? Now!,” started, I realized I was a part of something. Something that was ready to make change. A fair and multi-measure teacher evaluation system will not only elevate our profession, but will also allow teachers to grow and develop and will ensure there is an effective teacher in every classroom.

When I joined E4E I was looking for an opportunity just like this: a time and a place where teachers’ voices can be heard about a cause that they care about and are personally affected by every day. It is crucial that teachers have the opportunity to exercise their voice and share their experiences as part of this movement. It’s also important, though, that we take the time to celebrate the successes of this growing community of teachers! I am excited to continue the important conversations started at the rally and to celebrate the holidays with my fellow E4E members at the holiday party on December 18. The holiday party will be the next step on this journey with my fellow E4E teachers towards an elevated profession and a great education for all our students.