January 5, 2012

E4E Co-Founder Sydney Morris applauds NY Gov. Cuomo's focus on teacher evaluation

Original article from Fox 5/WNYW by Heather Brown.

MYFOXNY.COM - Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the biggest lesson he has learned since becoming governor is that everyone in education has a lobbyist.

During his State of the State address, he joked he was going to take a second job as a lobbyist for the students. This is really the first time we've heard him tackle education head-on.

While he hardly offered any specifics, the governor hit two big topics. First: more efficiency in how schools are managed. And second: teacher evaluations.

The governor said the law currently in place just doesn't work. That reminded everyone that just this week the state yanked millions of dollars from school districts after the districts and teachers unions couldn't agree on teacher evaluations.

Cuomo said he'd work with the legislature to appoint a bipartisan commission to come up with a plan to overhaul education. He said he wants a report by that commission done by the end of the year.

Again though, he was short of specifics on what he'd actually like to see come out of that report. He just made it clear he wants some big changes.

Gov. Cuomo Tackles Education Reform in State of the State: MyFoxNY.com