February 8, 2021

Analysis: New Survey Shows Teachers Think Cleaning & Ventilation, Smaller Classes and PPE Are More Important than Vaccines for Reopening. But Unions & Districts Aren’t Listening

Read the entire op-ed by E4E Co-Founder and Co-CEO Evan Stone on the 74.

The most surprising thing about the chaos surrounding school reopening decisions across the country is how little actual teachers have been part of the process.

In Chicago, where a months-long battle between the teachers union and mayor has brought educators to the verge of a strike, one local middle school teacher wrote in a recent column, “The last time my union or my district asked me about what I needed or how I was feeling was the beginning of the school year — nearly five months ago.”

She’s not alone. A new national educators survey by my organization, Educators for Excellence, found just 37 percent of teachers had heard from their union and just 21 percent from their district leaders about what they needed to return to the classroom.

To read the complete op-ed, visit the 74.