September 25, 2020

‘All Eyes Are on New York’: Can It Pull Off Hybrid Learning in Schools?

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Over the summer, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration settled on what seemed like a logical solution to the puzzle of reopening less crowded school buildings during the pandemic. Students would cycle in and out of classrooms, learning remotely the rest of the time.

But turning this so-called hybrid system into a reality has proved to be a logistical morass.

The city still needs to hire thousands of teachers to staff online and in-person classes. The staffing crisis forced Mr. de Blasio to delay the start of in-person classes for a second time last week. And a web of restrictions, pushed for in part by the teachers’ union, has essentially forced principals to create two versions of school, one in person and one online, a situation that has led to last-minute scheduling changes that have frustrated parents.

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