October 23, 2018

Tell Governor-elect Tim Walz: Prioritize School Discipline Disparities

Students should be in class, not handcuffs. Yet thousands of Minnesota students are removed from classrooms each year for minor misbehavior, and the data clearly show that students of color and students with disabilities are suspended at much higher rates than their peers.

As teachers, we know this issue matters. Now we need to call upon our next governor to prioritize finding solutions.

Tell Govenor-elect Tim Walz to prioritize school discipline disparities.

In Minnesota, students of color make up 31 percent of the population, yet those students receive 66% of all suspensions and expulsions. Once suspended, students are more likely to dropout of school and be incarcerated.

As educators, we are committed to solving this problem starting in our schools - and we need the support of Governor-elect Tim Walz.

Take action now! Urge Governor-elect Tim Walz and Lt. Governor-elect Peggy Flanagan to stand up for more inclusive discipline policies that improve our students’ educational experience and lead to their long-term success. It’s time to keep students in class, not handcuffs!