December 12, 2018

Take Action: Urge Connecticut Lawmakers to Make Teacher Diversity a Priority

Earlier this week, the CT Mirror published an article that highlighted a troubling and growing gap between teachers of color and students of color. According to the article, 23 school districts last year did not have a single educator of color on staff.

This is a problem.

We know that when students of color are taught by teachers of the same race, they feel more comfortable, show more interest and effort in their schoolwork, and have higher college aspirations. This is an ongoing issue, not only in Connecticut, but throughout the country. If all of our students are to reach their full potential change must happen.

E4E-Connecticut members have taken this issue head on by developing policy recommendations to improve educator diversity and culturally responsive teaching. We’ve also launched a letter urging our elected leaders to pass legislation that helps close the racial and ethnic gap between students of color and their educators.

Click here to add your name right now! Send a clear message to lawmakers that teacher diversity much be a priority!

We hope you will join us in this fight to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion in Connecticut’s classrooms to ensure students get the education they deserve.