Tell Your Governor: These are Teachers’ Policy Priorities

Send a message to your Governor at the start of this school year to share educators’ policy priorities. Ask that they work with their legislature to reimagine the way schools operate, prioritizing action on the following items as they do so:

  • Align Funding Systems to Student Need
  • Rethink the Teacher Role to Make it More Sustainable, Rewarding, and Dynamic
  • Recruit, Support, and Retain Teachers of Color
  • Implement High-Quality, Culturally Relevant Curriculum and Aligned Professional Learning
  • Reimagine Measures of Student Learning to Better Serve Students and Teachers
  • Equip Teachers to Support Student Wellbeing with Welcoming and Inclusive Learning Environments

Join a movement of educators sharing their priorities with their governors, and calling on them to listen to teacher perspective as they make legislative and funding decisions.