Zach Alamillo Organizer

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Zach is a seed of the public school system, the culture of the city, and the diversity in ideology that is plentiful in LA. As a first-generation latino, Zach attended the University of California, Irvine where he studied political science and has used his education to support his goal of being an agent of political and social change in his community. 

Spending time as a Union intern for the American Federation of Teachers and a Constituent Advocate for the City of Los Angeles District 11, Zach gained experience in project management, organizing, and an intimate knowledge of complex governing networks. Being fortunate to have had teachers who believed in him and guided him in times of need, Zach understands how important it is for all kids to benefit from excellent educators. 

Zach joins E4E after working with a progressive City Councilmember where he worked to  update policies that have negatively impacted teachers in LA. He believes that “good trouble, necessary trouble,” is what can create the equitable future that we are striving towards.

I believe in transformational change echoed by educators with the end goal of creating a more equitable education system, where each child is given the opportunity to create and dream regardless of their socioeconomic background.