Travonnie Mackey Business Partner

Travonnie is from Nashville, Tennessee. She spent most of her schooling as the only student of color in her class. Her mother worked diligently to place Travonnie in high-performing schools and taught her that all schools weren’t created equal—that all students were not afforded the same opportunities. This understanding fueled her commitment to tutoring and mentoring in schools.  Upon graduating from Howard University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, she taught fifth grade in Atlanta.

After earning her master’s of education from Georgia State, she combined her heart for teaching children and her passion for leading adults into her work as an instructional coach. She worked tirelessly to provide teachers with the structures and supports needed to reach all students. 

After more than a decade in public schools, she joined Educators for Excellence to support education from another angle. She deeply believes in the mission of E4E because she has seen firsthand the incredible solutions teachers generate when invited into the conversation about their classrooms. She currently oversees learning and development at E4E by enabling team members to achieve ambitious outcomes for teachers and students. 

"We need teachers’ experiences and ideas to provide our children with an equitable education system. As a parent, I have a sense of urgency that drives me to grind every day until we achieve that."