Tierney Yates Outreach Director

A native of Compton, California, Tierney has a strong connection to his community and cares deeply about equity, inclusion, and social justice. Creating relationships is at the core of his being and he has been able to create and sustain healthy partnerships in his professional career for over eight years utilizing his skills in cross-sector collaboration to create environments where equity and inclusivity are at the center.

After graduating from San Jose State University, Tierney began working in various youth development roles that shaped under-resourced students' minds and spirits to dream bigger than their current circumstances. From mentoring programs to college readiness, Tierney felt it was his calling to provide equitable resources for every parent and student he worked with. 

Tierney joined E4E because he believes students should have a say in their educational journey and that teachers are equipped to lead them to their goals. As an E4E outreach director, he enjoys working with educators and creating space for them to step into their leadership and amplify their voices.

"Our light is a gift given to us to help illuminate the change we want to see in our world."