Teddi Kalb Program Coordinator

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Teddi comes from generations of public educators who reinforced the belief that education is what unlocks people’s potential and pushes them to new limits. However, growing up with teachers and principals in her home, Teddi witnessed the incredible challenges educators face every day. 

Hoping to make a difference for those like her parents and grandparents, Teddi set out to leverage her skills in the education technology, retail, and policy industries. After graduating from New York University, Teddi worked for an online retailer that specializes in a curated line of tools, toys, and products that support students on the autism spectrum. Then, wanting to work more closely in schools, she joined the New York City Department of Education’s Showcase Schools program that shares promising practices citywide through transformational learning experiences.

Believing that teachers are the single most important factor toward driving improved student outcomes, she was drawn to E4E’s mission to ensure that teachers have a leading voice in the policies that impact their students and profession. In her role, she hopes to contribute her skills and experience to empowering teachers to become leaders for educational equity.

"When it comes to educational policy, teachers must have a seat at the table. Who better to address educational inequities than those directly impacted by them?"