Tamara Glozman Director of Accounting and Payroll

Tamara came to New York City with her family 25 years ago. Tamara grew up in the Ukraine, where she attended school and college.

After graduating with an associate’s in accounting, Tamara moved to the United States where she attended Baruch college and received her bachelor’s in accounting. With more than 20 years of experience in accounting and finance, Tamara has worked for both international and local organizations. Prior to joining E4E, she was a senior accountant at Beyond Oblivion, a music and technology startup firm.

Tamara’s mother was a biology teacher, and she knows firsthand the passion and dedication of teachers. Education played a huge role in her life, and she is passionate about eradicating the inequities that exist within the current educational system.

"I believe education is the power that can change everything."