Stacy Moore Executive Director

Stacy was raised outside of Chicago, in a home where both education and social justice were ever-present values. Because of her experiences and upbringing, after graduating with a bachelor’s in English from George Washington University, Stacy returned home to Chicago to teach high school English and reading.

As a result of the policy and education realities in Chicago, Stacy lost her job twice, teaching in three different schools in her first six months in the classroom. Her experiences shaped her understanding of how policy influences schools, teachers and students and embedded a belief in her that a teacher’s voice should be a critical component when making decisions about education.

After four years working in schools and receiving a master’s in public policy from the University of Chicago, Stacy worked at Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE), an organization that works to empower current and former Teach for America corps members to develop their own leadership in their communities. While at LEE, Stacy worked with members across the southern United States and in Chicago, helping them fight for educational equity by running for elected office, organizing their communities and pursuing roles in policy and advocacy.

Stacy joined Educators for Excellence because she sees the organization as the perfect place to bring together her experiences in the classroom, beliefs about teacher voice and deep love for policy, education and her hometown of Chicago.

"Decisions are made by those who show up. I love supporting teachers to have the skills and opportunities to show up and impact their schools, classrooms and students."