Sophie Rivera National Digital Content Associate, specialist

Sophie grew up in Los Angeles and attended an all-Black private elementary school, a charter middle school, and a diverse public high school. From a young age, she understood the nuances of the unique educational opportunities one was given based on one’s street number, lottery number, or income.

Sophie graduated with a degree in social science from Westmont College. Compelled by her experiences working at a therapeutic preschool for homeless children, Sophie understood the power of a quality education at the earliest stages of childhood. She subsequently worked as an organizer on a campaign with a relational strategy focused on leadership development. 

Sophie joined E4E because she feels that there is no time to wait to fix an education system that is broken and in dire need of systemic repair. Emboldened by the mission of E4E to empower educators and develop teacher leaders, Sophie is eager to work with a cohort of educators who are serious about making real, substantive change in our school systems for our country’s future, and our students.

"I believe the power of grassroots organizing is the best way to make change for students and teachers. E4E is here to empower and embolden our members to do just that."