Shelley Chapman Organizer, Specialist

Raised in Atlanta, Georgia and Rotterdam, Holland, Shelley grew up experiencing a variety of school climates. In Rotterdam, she was immersed in an education system that was designed to educate and nourish the whole child. The curriculum was expansive and included numerous enrichment activities and a diverse school community.  In Atlanta, she attended schools in various counties. She noted that the district with the higher socioeconomic status also had the most resources, which made for a richer education.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Spelman College and a master’s in education from Harvard University, Shelley taught Spanish in Atlanta public schools for five years. As a foreign language teacher, she often felt unsupported. During that time, Shelley noticed the meals served in the cafeteria were affecting students’ ability to concentrate. This inspired her to study nutrition, design a health curriculum, and work with schools, community organizations, and companies to create and maintain a culture of wellness.

Shelley joined E4E to change educational policy by working with teachers and encouraging them to use their voice. She firmly believes teachers’ voices matter because they have the power to transform our future.

"I experience gratitude and joy every time I see people empower themselves with our trainings. As a result, their transformation contributes to their successes."