Sharonya Simon Organizer

Sharonya is an outreach director for the southwest side of Chicago. She was born and raised in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago where she still resides with her two teenage children. As a product of the Chicago public school system, she believes every child has the right to an equal education. After graduating high school, Sharonya attended DePaul University where she studied early elementary education and labor law. After college she studied culinary arts and ran her own catering company. 

Being an educator has always been in Sharonya’s blood. As a child, she would set up chairs in her backyard and hold summer school for her cousins and neighborhood kids. After having children of her own, she initially volunteered at their school while running her catering company, and later moved on to working at the elementary school they attended.  She then became a special education teaching assistant for Chicago Public Schools. Prior to working for E4E, she was an E4E-Chicago member for two years. Leaving the classroom wasn’t an easy decision, but Sharonya felt it was necessary. She believes real change can happen if we get more educators involved in policy.

"There’s power in numbers! As educators, we have to utilize our collective voices to make change."