Shannon Mitchell Managing Director of External Affairs

Shannon grew up in rural Minnesota and attended a small consolidated school district, made up of six small towns. After moving to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota, she became interested in social justice and more specifically, educational and racial equity. After graduating, she taught sixth-grade English language arts in the Bronx. Following her time in the classroom, Shannon attended law school at the University of Minnesota, focusing on special education law. She then worked at the Children’s Law Center of Minnesota, helping foster youth navigate the judicial, education and health care systems.

She joined Educators for Excellence because when she was in the classroom, she wanted to have an impact on the laws and policies that were affecting her classroom and school but felt she had to choose between teaching and working for systemic change. She loves working with teachers to influence policies and take on leadership roles while staying in the classroom.

"I am continually inspired by the teacher leaders I get to serve. Their leadership has resulted in meaningful legislative change that impacts students."