Sarah Iddrissu Executive Director

Sarah attended five different elementary schools in two different countries because finding a quality school was difficult for her mother, a single parent of three. In fourth grade, her classroom was a trailer without air conditioning with multiple teachers throughout the year. So, at the age of eleven, Sarah decided to advocate for herself and found a school 15 miles away, where opportunity for rich learning and engagement existed. The decision she made as a child is perhaps the most important decision in her life. She became the first in her family to graduate from college, and unfortunately the last. 

This taught her that access to quality education is unjust and our nation’s system privileges some and disadvantages others. It happened in her own family.

Nowhere is that truer than in Massachusetts, where we have the highest performing public school system in the country while also holding on to one of the largest opportunity gaps. This is why Sarah decided to spend her career attacking educational inequity in the Commonwealth. As a former Massachusetts teacher, Boston Public Schools district administrator, and liaison to the Massachusetts commissioner for school and district transformation, Sarah has seen the disparities in action but has also seen opportunities for change.

Yet, in her career, Sarah witnessed one of the greatest potentials for change as the founding managing director of external affairs at E4E-Boston, where she saw educators come together to define advocacy issues, design campaigns, and win mental health supports for students grappling with trauma. The potential for teacher leadership to transform the education system is tremendous. 

"We often ask educators to do many things, yet we seldom ask them to lead. When educators lead, they create positive change for their students and elevate their profession."