Sara Couch Development Associate

Growing up in a multicultural household in the North Carolina's Piedmont Triad, Sara was fortunate to have parents who stressed teaching both English and Spanish at home. As a horseback rider, she grew up volunteering for HORSEPOWER, a therapeutic horse riding program for children with diverse needs. This experience drove her studies at Duke University, where she pursued a degree in psychology and earned certificates in child policy research and human development.

After graduating from Duke, Sara began her teaching career at a special education early learning center in the South Bronx. Having the privilege to follow the same group of students throughout her teaching career ignited Sara's passion for both Pre-K and special education, and led her to pursue a dual master's in early childhood education and special education from Hunter College. After her time in the classroom, Sara moved to Sydney, Australia, where she worked in recruitment and training of early childhood teachers.

As a teacher, Sara realized the vast number of dual language learners lack many resources and are left behind by unfair systems. Sara joined E4E because of the frustrations she felt as a teacher when policies inhibited her advocacy for the necessary support her students needed. She is excited to see the power teachers can have when they collaborate beyond the walls of their own classrooms.

"Educators must know that they are not alone and that their voices can be heard. By raising them collaboratively, they have the power to fight for their students' needs."