Sana Shah Outreach Director

Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, Sana became active in community organizing at a young age due to her passion for social justice and equality. She was motivated to focus on education reform by her father, who immigrated to the United States to attend Union College on a full scholarship. His narrative taught her that education brings access and opportunity. 

After graduating with a degree in history and psychology from Rutgers University-New Brunswick, Sana followed her passion to achieve educational equity and joined AmeriCorps. For five years, she worked as a middle school educator in Newark and Houston. As a teacher, Sana promoted civic competence and efficacy through social studies. She focused on encouraging her students to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a diverse, democratic society in a globalized culture. As the instructional leader for the social studies department at her school, Sana enrolled in courses at Johns Hopkins University to further support her students by developing best practices to foster a critical consciousness in her classroom.

Sana joined Educators for Excellence after gaining insight into the structural barriers that students face through her work in the school system, and how important it is to mobilize fellow teachers to inform policy decisions that impact their classrooms. Sana enjoys connecting with other educators to create strategies, objectives, and a cohesive force for change.

"Teachers have a comprehensive understanding of the specific barriers students face; it is important that they leverage their experiences to influence decisions that affect the students they serve."