Ryan Parris National Manager of Individual Giving

Ryan was born in Indiana, but spent his teen years in Kentucky. He graduated from DePauw University with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology.

At DePauw University, he served as a mentor to first-year students and realized how vastly unprepared he and many others were for college. This experience unlocked a passion for improving our country’s education system.

Right after graduating, he became a case manager for people who were previously homeless and struggled with a combination of substance abuse, mental illness, and/or a criminal history. Following this role and shifting from social services, Ryan became an advertising account manager at Angie’s List. Both of these experiences ultimately gave him the perspective and career guidance he needed as he realized he was an expert at relationship building and sales. He decided on a career in development where he could sell the idea of saving the world.

Ryan then worked in development roles at the ACLU, Transportation Alternatives, Live Out Loud, and Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, where he gained leadership experience. Ryan continued to cultivate his intense passion for changing education landscape, as much of the inequality he observed was intimately linked to a lack of quality education.

He currently serves as the lead for individual giving at Educators for Excellence and is thrilled to be a part an organization that is elevating the voices of teachers--the very people who are responsible for educating our youth.

"Education literally saved my life and opened up a wealth of opportunities for me. I long for a world where everyone can have that experience."