Rhonda Ford Vice President of People and Equity

A native of Jacksonville, Arkansas, Rhonda is inspired by a family legacy of public service. From her paternal great-grandmother, a fierce education advocate despite being one generation removed from slavery, to her maternal grandfather, 28 year town alderman and former school board president, Rhonda was raised in the fight for equity and grassroots justice.

After college, she continued to pursue educational equity as a classroom teacher for five years in public, charter, and international schools. From 2012-2018, Rhonda served in a variety of roles at Teach For America, from director of diversity and inclusiveness to vice president of executive leadership strategy. Most recently, she led the launch and development of Teach For America's executive leadership team, a community of 70 senior leaders who guide the organization in pursuit of mission-aligned strategy, cultural leadership, and integration between regional and national priorities.

Rhonda is honored to lead the people and equity team because she deeply believes in the transformative power of keeping students and teachers at the center of E4E’s work while also supporting the teams and communities who lead every day in pursuit of our mission.

"I'm thankful to be doing the work of aligning values, actions, and impact at E4E."