Paulette Piñero Managing Director of Outreach

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Paulette grew up attending board meetings and joining her grandmother as she led organizing efforts on the island. Learning at a young age the power of grassroots organizing and community-led campaigns, she dedicated her career to working in the nonprofit sector in research-based organizations that focused on providing quality of life services to individuals and communities. 

In 2013 she moved to Massachusetts, where she became a fierce advocate for families with children with special needs. This was fueled by her own experience of the evaluation and individualized educational plan process with her son Alexander, and the barriers for Latinx families advocating for quality service for their children. After 10 years in the human service field, she knew that her passion for education went beyond her experiences at home. She used the knowledge acquired through her bachelor of science degree in human services and youth development from Springfield College and strategic planning skills to transition into the education field. 

Now as managing director of outreach for E4E-Boston, Paulette is excited to create opportunities for educators to elevate their voices and push for policies that will benefit all the children in the state regardless of their zip code.

"We cannot empower communities without empowering teachers."