Patrick Bataillon Deputy Director, Campaigns

A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Patrick witnessed firsthand the values associated with a commitment to civic endeavors, taking to social causes at a young age. After graduating from Regis University in Denver, Colorado, Pat soon found his way to politics, from volunteering with presidential campaigns to crafting election strategies on the local, state and national level. Patrick's passion for continuing education is drawing him near an master’s of business administration from Chicago's DePaul University. 

Throughout his career, Patrick has seen the importance of communication, networking and community-building, while bringing a deliberate and strategic approach to forwarding crucial initiatives. It was Patrick's participation in campaign life and a 20-year career in politics that brought the challenges of our education system into clear view. 

A lifelong advocate for a fair and just social fabric, notably the equitable access to education for all, Patrick joined E4E because of his passion for leveling the playing field for students, families and teachers from all walks of life. Patrick draws on his experience advocating for those who need their collective voice amplified to ensure teachers can come together for impactful and lasting change. 

"Equal access to exceptional education is at the foundation of a prosperous community for all."