Pamela Daubert Managing Director of Development

With over 25 years of nonprofit experience in the areas of education, health, and social services, Pam leads the E4E-Chicago’s efforts to build and steward exceptional relationships with local funders. 

Pam is a native of Northern Virginia where she was fortunate to receive a quality public education from dedicated and remarkable teachers. She recently relocated to Chicago from the Dallas/Fort Worth area where she spent the last five years leading the fundraising team for a large homeless shelter and service provider.  In this role, she saw firsthand how early educational disparity can lead to lifelong inequities. 

Pam joined E4E because she is passionate about the power of quality education to shape both individual lives and communities.  She holds a bachelor’s of public service from Pennsylvania State University.

"Teachers are shaping the lives of our children, and they must also help shape policy in order to bring about true and lasting change."