Nathaniel Styer Managing Director of External Affairs

Born and raised in West Michigan, Nathaniel has been engaged in organizing and political action since childhood. While attending the University of Michigan, he continued his political engagement by working on President Obama's 2008 campaign, supporting local candidates, and leading organizing campaigns in Southeast Michigan. During college Nathaniel also worked as a literacy instructor in Detroit Public Schools. Teaching in Detroit's schools centered the need to fight for equity and justice in our education system as a driving cause in Nathaniel's life.

After college, Nathaniel moved to New Orleans, Louisiana and taught in an alternative education program supporting students who had not received adequate support within the structures of a traditional classroom. In Louisiana, he witnessed first-hand how policymakers and elected officials often make uninformed and arbitrary decisions that affect the daily lives of students, teachers, and their communities. Working alongside veteran teachers, Nathaniel saw the incredible influence they held in these communities, driven by strong relationships with their students and families - influence that was often ignored by decision makers. After leaving the classroom, Nathaniel worked for over five years in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York City, supporting teachers and former teachers as they ran for political office, built community organizing groups, and became policy leaders in their communities. He is excited to learn from, work alongside, and create change with Educators for Excellence members.

"Power yields to the collective voice of the people. We must be that voice."