Nahal Yousefian Vice President of People and Equity

Born in Iran, Nahal escaped when she was eight with her family to Dubai, where they waited for six years before Canada let them in as landed immigrants. Her favorite game growing up was to play teacher, so it was inevitable that once she graduated from university she became a primary school teacher. Nahal’s first job was to teach five-year-olds in the inner city areas of London, which was a pretty tough gig.  After five years of teaching, she left to travel and take a break. During her travels, she visited her family in Los Angeles, where she ended up staying and getting an entry job in human resources. From there, she got a job as an employee relations analyst in a retail start-up funded by Tesco, the third-largest retailer in the world, eventually leading Tesco’s international human resources team based in the Czech Republic.

She felt like she “sold out” when she left teaching. As a teacher, she never felt seen, heard, or recognized. But now, as the vice president of people and equity and inspired by E4E's theory of change, she wants to make a difference by being in service to E4E staff so they can be in service to teachers and students all across the United States and maybe even someday, the world.

“Every one of us must press forward, undeterred and undismayed, in our efforts to reimagine an equitable educational system wherein our children can learn, mature, and develop."