Myra Palmero National Manager of Digital

Myra Palmero is Filipino but born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Her passion for education began overseas, listening to her parents talk about the challenges of going to school in the Philippines and what it meant to be the first in their families to go to college. As a non-U.S. citizen vying for scholarships to attend college in the United States, she then learned firsthand the challenges of doing the same in a country that promised opportunity for anyone within its borders, and she became passionate about ensuring that no child in this country struggles to get the education that they need to achieve their dreams. She comes from a family of teachers − both parents and two older sisters − and went slightly off her family’s beaten path by working toward educational equity outside of the classroom. After nine years working in recruitment and alumni affairs at Teach For America, she joined Educators for Excellence excited about supporting teachers who shape education policy in ways that give our students the best resources, support and education that they need to succeed.

"I love that I am supporting teachers − the people who work for our students every day − to help elevate their voices in the most important issues affecting education today."