Mikita Lee Organizer

Born and raised on Chicago’s Westside, Mikita graduated and worked at North Lawndale College Prep (NLCP) as a College Seminar teacher for 12th grade. Being in this position taught her that teachers and students need more support in the classroom and from their  school overall. Upon leaving NLCP, Mikita became an E4E fellow where she continued to advocate for teachers and students. 

Mikita attended University of Illinois at Chicago and Adler University for her degrees in Public Health and Public Policy. Her overall goal with these degrees is to improve her community and similarly structured communities. Prior to coming to E4E, Mikita was a Program Coordinator in North Lawndale with Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago. Doing this work showed her there’s more work to be done and education is the starting point to improving one’s quality of life. 

Mikita joined E4E because she was familiar with the work the organization was engaged in and she wanted to be involved in a larger capacity. Mikita wants to represent her community and provide a platform for teachers to fight for improvements for themselves and their students. Advocating for and supporting those in her community is her true passion!


All you can do is give your best self and the rest will work itself out.