Mikaelle Olivier Organizer

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Mikaelle noticed the inequities of the schools she attended as her family's socioeconomic status shifted. She also observed the lack of teachers of color, especially in the sciences. This drove her to seek degrees in biology and chemistry.

After graduating from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Mikaelle moved to Connecticut to teach at Hartford Public High School while pursuing her master’s in education through Johns Hopkins University. While teaching she had a clear view of what supports and opportunities her students were lacking. Mikaelle became a member of E4E as a teacher leader long before joining the staff in Connecticut. Being a part of this organization made her feel as though her voice was amplified and heard. 

Mikaelle also participated in fellowships with Leadership for Educational Equity focusing on data analysis and strategic planning. These fellowships, along with E4E membership ignited her passion for mobilizing teachers and creating policy change in order to close the achievement gap.

Mikaelle joined E4E because she firmly believes that educators should be at the forefront of decision making that affects students and teachers.

“There is no one who understands the needs of our students better than teachers. Their thoughts, concerns, and ideas must be the driving factor behind decision making in education policy. ”