Lindsay Semph Managing Director of External Affairs

Lindsay grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, where education and arts were highly supported by the community. Music was her passion and she was constantly motivated to grow by her high school band director. She earned her degree in music education from Lawrence University because she wanted to inspire the same musical passion in others as her music teachers did for her.

After moving to Chicago, Lindsay taught piano and band to 14 schools throughout the city and suburbs for five years. This experience provided her with a unique understanding of Chicago’s educational landscape and the number of inequities her schools were experiencing. Frustrated by decisions impacting schools by policymakers missing an educator’s perspective, Lindsay left teaching to earn a dual master’s in public policy and administration with an emphasis in education policy.

Lindsay joined Educators for Excellence because of the inequities she witnessed as an educator, especially in terms of her underprivileged students on the south and west sides of the city. As an active member in her neighborhood, including her role as an elected community representative on her neighborhood school’s Local School Council, Lindsay is thrilled to work with teachers in her immediate community. She believes in the power of collective voices and that educator voice is imperative in decision-making processes affecting education.

"Policies affecting schools cannot be made without the teacher’s perspective."