Leda Strong Outreach Director

Leda is a proud native New Yorker and longtime advocate for educational opportunity, especially for urban youth. In high school, Leda served as a volunteer tutor, mentor, and program liaison for a neighboring elementary and middle school. Her more recent experience in volunteer work includes tutoring high school sophomores in the Bronx.

While studying psychology at the University of North Carolina (go Heels), Leda spent her summers working at children’s camps in New York. After graduation, her lifelong passion for youth programs and her dedication to her home city led her to teach fourth grade in the South Bronx. She received a dual master’s degree in general and special education while teaching.

Her years teaching furthered Leda’s love of working with children and re-awakened her to the need for universal access to quality education, regardless of a student’s zip code. However, she recognized a need to address this issue in the educational landscape on a policy level. She is inspired by E4E’s mission to address the problems facing education with the spirit of collaboration and teacher empowerment.

"Great teachers have a passion to provide a quality education for all students; it's time they had the opportunity to do so!"