Khusaba Seka National Associate of Organizing

Khusaba has served as a community organizer for more than 20 years in her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She strives to build community wherever she can. Prior to E4E, she spent five years working in program management for several nonprofits.  

Khusaba's connection to education began as a homeschool mother and teacher until life changes required her to transfer her children into public school. She hoped that the school would be an extension of her home, but learned quickly that without teachers having the support they needed, neither would her children.

Khusaba volunteered at her children's schools as well as their classrooms. She was also a part of a cultural support systems at a school in St. Paul, Minnesota. There she served as a community navigator through the school’s cultural wellness center, in which parents and students could get resources, redirection and comfort from community members that looked like them, in a welcoming classroom with African pride and symbols of creation that reflected back to them their own brilliance. There they learn African-American cultural practices.

Khusaba joined E4E because of its vision of an "...equitable and excellent education system that provides all students the opportunity to succeed and elevates the teaching profession."  She enjoys connecting with organizers and teachers to make more equitable classrooms.

"My passion is community building. The connections made with each other, are priceless! I love witnessing when organizers see the impact they have on those they have engaged."