Katie Sullivan National Manager of Training

Born and raised in southern Massachusetts, Katie aspired from a very young age to become a teacher. She attended Keene State College in New Hampshire where she earned her bachelor’s in English with a secondary teaching certification. She began her teaching career in a nine-town district high school in southern New Hampshire.

As a novice teacher, Katie was fortunate to be surrounded by many experienced colleagues who fostered in her a deep love and respect for the profession of teaching. Witnessing the lasting impact an educator has on a student's day-to-day life and future was humbling and inspiring. However, she watched her colleagues become increasingly discouraged with the lack of opportunity to impact their profession outside of their classrooms and schools. The constant top-down policy decisions being made for teachers, not with teachers, had a significant influence on Katie’s relationship with the profession she loved so much.

Katie joined Educators for Excellence because she firmly believes teachers are experts in the field of education and that their expertise should be leveraged beyond the four walls of a classroom.

"Educators are the experts in education."