Justin Gawronski Outreach Director

Justin grew up in Macomb, Michigan, about an hour north of Detroit, and was lucky enough to excel in a well-funded public school system. His first grade teacher, Ms. Nawrocki, instilled in him the passion to succeed, and his parents always reminded him of the importance of education.

With the support of his parents and former teachers, Justin attended Central Michigan University as a proud first-generation college student. While there, he advocated for student rights in political steering committees and student government. His co-curricular experiences allowed him to reflect on the educational privilege he grew up with and recognize that his own experiences are key factors in his success.

Justin inspired him to become a sixth grade math and science teacher in North Carolina. While teaching, Justin was motivated by the relationships he developed with his students and fellow teachers, but grew frustrated by the policies that hindered classroom gains for students in underserved communities.

To further grapple with these issues, Justin earned a master’s degree from the University of Michigan and joined E4E. In this role, he supports educator’s voices by ensuring those who work on the foundational level of our education system are represented beyond the classroom.

"Educators are the foundation to critical thinking - the basis for justice, fairness, and equity."