Jules Larson Organizer

Moving to New Haven at 11 years old, Jules Larson grew up with art and activism as an every-day part of life. Her mother was commissioned by hundreds of schools across Connecticut over decades, installing murals created alongside students and teachers, with Jules often assisting. The experience gave Jules early insight into how many Connecticut schools look, operate, and how economic differences impact their teachers and students.  

After high school, and building an art portfolio of her own, Jules joined New Haven’s People’s Arts Collective. The Collective is an umbrella title for three distinct initiatives: New Haven Free Artists, LGBTQ+ Youth Kickback, and Free Skool. Jules was a co-founder for New Haven Free Artists, played a mentor organizing role for Kickback’s queer youth activism and touring workshop program, then teaching art history and independent publication history in the peer-based educational style that was central to Free Skool’s model. While continuing that work, Jules joined the Working Families Party in 2014, fundraising and leading electoral campaigns for their endorsed, progressive candidates. Over this time, New Haven Free Artists created a dozen murals dedicated to artists of color alongside the community, then collated with New Haven Rising(NHR), UNITE HERE Local 34, and the city’s progressive alderic campaigns. She volunteered through NHR, connecting the local community struggles with the struggles of graduate students seeking union representation at Yale, and helped launch UNITE HERE’s new Local 33.

Jules joined E4E to expand union representation while improving the working conditions of teachers, and the learning conditions of students. She believes to attain these better standards, we must fight racist and sexist institutions in education through progressive policy and collective action with teachers leading.

I believe my goal to help build a more educated world starts with morally and structurally representing the goals of our educators.