Joshua Garlenski National Senior Manager of Operations and Benefits

Hailing from a northwest suburb of Chicago, Josh gained a deep appreciation for education while growing up around numerous educators. He holds dual bachelor’s degrees in accounting and marketing from Illinois State University and began his career focusing on marketing by coordinating multi-channel advertising campaigns in Chicago for U.S. Cellular and Herbal Essences. Josh became an accounts payable manager for a start-up company, where he focused on client relations, implementing process efficiencies and integrating new technologies. Josh then moved to Washington, D.C. where he performed account analysis and managed accounts payable for a global nonprofit organization.

Josh decided to join Educators for Excellence after speaking to the educators in his family about their experiences teaching. After hearing how little say they had in the policies affecting their classrooms, he had an even greater appreciation for their hard work and dedication to students, and he knew that he wanted to dedicate his time helping teachers so that all students can be given the best possible chance to succeed.

"Large or small, I want to make a positive impact every day."